South East keeps pace with State’s record employment growth according to latest Labour Force Survey

The South East is keeping pace with the State’s phenomenal jobs growth, the latest labour force survey by the Central Statistics Office shows. Year on year, the numbers in employment in the region grew 3.25% to 187,500 in Q1 2019, while the State grew by 3.65% to reach a record 2,316,000 people. Since Q1 2012, employment in the region has increased by 22%, while the State grew by 23%.

The region is moving towards reaching its Regional Enterprise Plan target of 25,000 additional jobs by the end of 2020 with 18,300 new jobs in the South East since the Q1 2015 baseline. Similarly, the numbers employed in industry in the region are continuing to rise, with an increase of 15% in this sector since the start of 2015.

Director of the Ireland South East Development Office, Alan Quirke, said “This positive news builds on recent figures showing growth in disposable income per person in the region and record 2018 jobs numbers for Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland companies who are providing important, high value jobs in the South East”. “It’s also important to note that the South East’s Labour Force is increasing, with 5,400 more people available to work in the region than there was last year. Our Labour Force has grown by almost 8% since 2012 making us the fastest growing city region in the country outside of Dublin”, he added.