Arvum Secure New York Deal to Double Turnover

Arvum has just struck a deal in New York that will double its €32m turnover and earn it $135m (€122m) over the next five years.

The Arvum Group family business traces its roots all the way back through five generations of Powers to 1858. But they are currently looking very much to the future with a growth plan that will see the companies turnover double over the next 5 years.

Roy Power, Group MD, says that the pace of change in agriculture is so fast that opportunities for a company like Arvum – which operates a number of subsidiaries and joint ventures in both crops and seed, as well as in animal nutrition – are “limitless”.

He notes: “The change is so rapid and the need for technology so high that it’s like running an IT company. It’s hard to get your head around the change in mobile phones and social media but actually, in our world of agriculture, it’s moving at an incredible pace as well.”

The Arvum Group and Roy Power were profiled in the Sunday Independent and the full piece is well worth a read:

Arvum Group Sunday Independent Business Profile