Top 5 tips to survive remote working during lockdown

Given that most people are working from home for the next few weeks, we thought it would be a good time to get some advice from our remote working expert Margaret Ahearne. Margaret lives in Kilkenny, is the Senior Product Manager with Hubspot, and has spent most of her career remote working. She has kindly given us her top 5 tips to survive our new working environment:

“This is a time of stress and worry, and where our safety and health is the priority above everything else. Be mindful that this is not typical remote working, it’s the measures we have to take to allow our businesses to survive. These are a few steps that can help make your working life a bit more manageable in these uncertain times.

  1. Plan your days – what hours you are working and available, and when you are not. Communicate this with your colleagues, managers and family. Don’t fall into the trap of overworking, take time to unwind. This is a stressful time and having a plan will be useful.
  2. Keep communication open and flowing. Encourage your team to talk more regularly, and to show their face in video calls. Schedule virtual coffee breaks, ask folks how they are doing. Understand what people are doing to escape the reality of the situation and find common interests.
  3. Develop a communication plan – once a week, once a day, once a fortnight, individuals or teams share a status. Be honest where you are having challenges in keeping up and pull together to help identify the priority of certain tasks.
  4. Assume positive intent – this is a time where folks need to pull together. If a colleague cannot make a meeting, or is changing their working times, it’s for a good reason. Communication is more challenging when it’s not face to face, so before you get frustrated assume that the sender is doing their best in these difficult times.
  5. Regularly evaluate where you are as a company. How can you better support your team members, your customers, your suppliers. Is the project that you were working on a month ago still the most important thing to be doing?”

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