Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster activities gathering pace

The activities of the Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster have been gathering pace in the second half of 2020. The cluster group has recently published a map of their ever growing community and are currently engaged in a series of well-attended ignition workshops. The workshop series is looking to strengthen the capacity of participating companies to compete, through the sharing of ideas, knowledge and expertise.

They have been exploring nuanced topics such as:

  • The emerging interplay of regulatory frameworks in FinTech such as GDPR, PSD2 and AML5D
  • The evolving cybersecurity landscape in the era of digitalisation
  • User-needs, requirements, and pain points in FinTech as we enter the open-finance era

Cluster Champion Terry Clune, founder and CEO of the Taxback Group, states, “The idea of a cluster is complementary and benefits everybody in the cluster. The more companies that are around – it gives more opportunity for staff to learn new things and it gives more commitment to people to join the area as there are more opportunities. That benefits all the businesses involved in a cluster environment. Overall, the cluster focus and approach are good for businesses in the region, strengthening the region and I am delighted to be involved.”

Initial funding for the cluster has come from the five local authorities in the region and is focusing on five key pillars to support growth:

  1. Skills – ensuring academia are aligned with industry needs
  2. Marketing and Branding – promoting the regions attractiveness for professionals and investors
  3. Networking – enhancing the opportunities for companies in the region to network
  4. Innovation – linking companies with emerging research and start-up innovation
  5. Infrastructure – to address priority infrastructure barriers impeding company growth

Cathal Smyth, Chief Administration Officer with State Street, a participating cluster member, said “State Street are delighted to participate in the Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster collaboration. This region is cost effective and talent rich”.

The cluster manager is Catriona Murphy and Catriona welcomes engagement from all financial services companies in the region to contribute to this new and growing cluster, “We aim to bond the financial service community to engage with peers, bounce ideas, look for tips and hints, get and give mentorship and tap the enormous development power where firms that compete and cooperate at the same time, building knowledge bridges across traditional boundaries in order to compete internationally. Our goal is to bridge our community internationally – capturing the growth potential for all.”

You can follow the activity of the cluster on their LinkedIn showcase page here

Catriona is contactable at: