South East counties claim top 2 spots in Ireland’s most liveable places

The counties of the South East have performed very well in Ireland’s Liveability Index. The counties of Waterford and Wexford took the top 2 spots, while all five counties are placed within the top 15 of the 26 counties assessed. The index examines the liveability of the whole of the Republic of Ireland on a county by county basis. For people who are considering moving location, the index aims to provide you with the information to make an informed decision based on analysis of certain parameters. These parameters include house prices, sunshine, proximity to a city and natural amenity or scenery.

The authors of the index, available at Bluejay Liveability, explain that “Liveability indices are typically used to compare cities across the world, the Economist’s Global Liveability Index is a good example. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move to remote working, enabling people to avoid lengthy commutes to work.  This has spurred an interest in relocating away from large cities.  However, for those looking to move to a location outside of a global city there is a lack of useful comparative information to help make the decision to move.”

The Ireland Liveability Index takes the parameters that would be most important to somebody considering moving home. The affordability of available homes is always to the forefront of people’s minds and while people are increasingly considering moving away from packed urban spaces, proximity to the facilities and convenience of accessing a city is still relevant. The natural amenities that enhance each location were assessed as were the levels of sunshine hours that each county receives. The counties were then given an overall ranking based on an average of the scores for each of the four parameters.

The overall ranking can be viewed here