NearForm secures investment to fuel rapid international expansion

Ireland South East based software development and consultancy firm NearForm, which over the last year has made great strides in the field of contact-tracing app development, has announced a strategic investment from Columbia Capital. NearForm develops enterprise software to help large corporate and public sector companies scale their platforms for the digital economy. Using open source software, its digital products deliver secure mobile and web platforms that can scale to meet industry and consumer demands.

With the additional investment from Columbia Capital in internet infrastructure, enterprise IT and mobility, NearForm says it will support market penetration and scale operations across North America and Europe, beefing up recruitment in sales, marketing, engineering and design.

NearForm hopes to take advantage of the surge of digital transformation plans undertaken by companies in the post-Covid environment, and cited research showing that digital transformation remains the number one priority for CIOs in 2021, as companies look to innovate and grow post-pandemic, noting that more than 80% of digital transformations fail.

It added that when speed and agility are crucial, traditional consulting firm methods are expensive and slow. NearForm said its open source approach has accelerated cost-effective digital transformations for clients including Walmart, IBM and Condé Nast.

Over the last year, NearForm has made great strides in the field of contact-tracing app development, producing the most widely adopted Covid-19 contract-tracing app code, Covid Green, now used from New York to New Zealand.

In June 2020, the company announced that its technology was at the heart of the Covid-19 contact-tracing app for the Republic of Ireland, and a month later, the same technology was deployed by the Northern Ireland Assembly in its app so that people from both sides of the border could use their app wherever in Ireland they were.

Further contracts were signed with the Scottish government and the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, but the biggest score came in the US, first with the state of Pennsylvania in September and then New York and New Jersey.

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