Danone Wexford produces formula milk in tab format

Danone has launched the first ever formula milk in Europe to be sold in a pre-measured tab format.

The company is producing this new product at Danone’s formula milk production facility in Wexford, through a manufacturing partnership with Japanese food manufacturer, Meiji. Danone is combining its formula milk recipes with Meiji’s patented tab production technology. Danone is introducing this format innovation in the UK in response to parents’ desire for greater convenience and ease when preparing formula milk feeds.

Jean Michel Lequin, Director of Danone’s Wexford formula milk production facility said they believe introducing portion controlled and dosed formats will be a game changer for consumers.

“We believe this format innovation has the potential to revolutionise the formula milk category in Europe,” he said.

Danone’s Wexford factory is one of the leading manufacturing facilities in Danone’s global network, employing 350 people and producing dairy products for consumers in 41 countries around the world.

Last year, it became the first formula milk production site in the world to be certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust, an independent global climate change and sustainability consultancy. Mr. Lequin added “By installing Meiji’s tab production technology at Danone’s formula milk facility here in Wexford, Ireland, Danone can source and produce formula milk in this new format locally for the UK market, and that helps reduce our carbon footprint.”

Danone said it is initially launching the new pre-measured tab format in the UK and plans to begin offering the products in other countries in Europe as of 2022.