Ireland South East Innovative Companies Series – #1 Raceix

Every week the Ireland South East Development Office will profile one of our most innovative companies. This week it’s Waterford based start-up Raceix.

Who are they?

Raceix was set up towards the end of 2017 and is based in the Arclabs Innovation Centre, Waterford.

Raceix is an early-stage marine technology company, working with global partners to become the global leader for marine-leisure data.

They are introducing entirely new tech-focused products that will improve the onboard skipper and navigator functions of boating at the same time as significantly improving the experience for everyone else on board.

What do they do?

Raceix is a platform for everyone that goes pleasure-boating, and will also be launching in the American powered boating sector, ​for boats of less than 8m (26 feet) in length.

Founder and CEO Aidan Foley explains:

“It’s Android for boats with the intuition of Apple and the dynamism of Tesla, in short what we’re building is game-changing. Our aim is to provide clear, current, navigational data that is easy to use with information that can enrich the boating experience on top. ”

What makes them innovative?

Aidan says:

“There is currently no other platform that can support, enhance and inform boating activities to the same extent as ours can. People’s lives have been changed by their smartphones and we’ve already seen this connected technology moving into their cars. Now Raceix is doing it for the marine leisure sector which has been lagging way behind.”

They are also looking at how they can deliver key environmental data to relevant authorities across the world through their connected multipurpose Marine Laboratory (MarLab) platform.

What’s next for them?

They will launch their consumer product range in 2021, but you won’t have to wait until then to get a taste of just how transformative this technology is going to be. Aside from research and development, they’re currently working on a number of very high profile projects which will demonstrate our capabilities. Keep your eyes and ears open and follow the Raceix website and get ready to come on board.

What South East supports have they utilised?

  • Arclabs Innovation Centre
  • South East Business Innovation Centre
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Local Enterprise Office
  • New Frontiers programme
  • Wexford County Council