IT Carlow to launch a centre of excellence, CIRDAS, for upskilling in insurance and financial services sectors.

IT Carlow is introducing a third level centre of excellence to help insurance and finance professionals upskill & reskill in data science, business thinking and design thinking.

The Centre for Insurance, Risk and Data Analytics Studies (CIRDAS) will offer courses to insurance and financial services professionals in ever-changing areas such as data science, problem solving with design thinking, underwriting for the future, strategy mapping, transformative technologies and environmental, social and governance (ESG).

The €1.73m centre was created by IT Carlow’s faculty of lifelong learning and Insurtech Network Centre, which is an IT Carlow and Enterprise Ireland initiative, in partnership with Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

CIRDAS development manager Damian Rossiter said there is a need for relevant and up-to-date upskilling options within the insurance sector.

“Evidence suggests the insurance sector recognises the clear need, but also the challenges, of creating an agile and innovative workplace of the future.”

CIRDAS will offer learners a number of options, including masterclasses and workshops, as well as Level 8 and 9 degrees.

“Programmes will give learners the flexibility to undertake a 10-credit module, which grants the option to exit at that point with a qualification recognised at a European level, or to continue through to degree or postgraduate diploma,” Rossiter concluded.

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