Imagine Arts Festival Waterford kicking off this Friday!

Now in its 20th year, this year’s festival promises to enhance Waterford’s tradition as a centre for the arts by making events available to a wider audience than usual. The programme includes music, literature, dance, visual art, performance and history, as well as incorporating Waterford Writers Weekend. There’s a mixture of free and paid events as well as some online events! Check out the timetable.

The festival is running from the 15th of Oct to the 24th of Oct 2021.

Imagine is a community Arts Festival that is run by a voluntary committee and aims to capture the essence of Waterford’s burgeoning artistic community and give it a national platform and therefore a bigger audience.  Their aim is to bring in the best of national and international artistic work and to inspire new ideas and thought within the local community through exposure to such talent and creativity. Imagine promotes both established and emerging artists, from the local, national and international arena.

Find more info here.