SBP’s 100 Hot Start Ups highlights Ireland South East’s strong start up ecosystem

Ireland South East is the ideal place to start-up your business. Our collaborative business culture gives you easy access to innovative thinkers and world class researchers with a full suite of start-up supports. Choose to start-up your business in the fastest growing region in the fastest growing economy in Europe.

Our companies included in the Sunday Business Post 100 Hot Startups include:


Flexiwage is a financial wellness benefit for employees which enables them to schedule their income in a pay frequency that suits their needs without impacting a company’s ability to process monthly. This reduces payroll administration costs by 75% per year. 


Klearcom helps multinational contact centres prevent and recover faster from contact centre outages.


NearForm provide enterprise software development and capability building for top development teams.


PlantQuest takes your industrial site’s information and turns it into actionable data enabling you to run a safer and more efficient plant.


Scurri is a carrier management platform that powers ordering, shipping & delivery for ambitious retailers, connecting to over 700 carrier services.

Shorla Pharma:

Shorla Pharma develop and commercialize innovative oncology drugs for women’s and pediatric cancers.

For Supports & Investment

There are many supports & investment opportunities available to startups in Ireland South East. These include, New Frontiers Programmes, South East BIC, Local Enterprise Offices, HBAN, Sure Valley Ventures, and Enterprise Ireland.

Jennifer Melia, Manager of Enterprise Ireland HPSU Unit, says:

“Enterprise Ireland provides bespoke support to start-up founding teams. There’s no one size fits all in terms of company size and company growth, so we can’t have a one size fits all solution. We work with companies to de-risk their entry into a country, we help them build and develop their management team, we work with them to find talent, we work with them on innovation agenda, and we work with them on competitiveness.”

“We have 31 LEOs across Ireland. Enterprise Ireland enjoys a very close relationship with the LEOs. Sometimes a company might be looking at international markets from the outset and come directly to us, but sometimes companies might start out more slowly and might progress through their LEO. We would engage with the LEO and check if the company would benefit from the additional support offered by Enterprise Ireland , and if so, we work with the LEO to transition the company to Enterprise Ireland in as seamless a way as possible. We now have a number of High Potential Start-Up companies that began with the support of a LEO before moving on to Enterprise Ireland.”

Find more info on starting up in Ireland South East here.