Ireland South East is #1 Small Region In Europe for FDI Strategy

For the second year in a row the Ireland South East region has been awarded as the #1 Small Region in Europe for FDI Strategy.

The prestigious Financial Times FDI Intelligence European Cities and Regions of the Future Awards 2022/2023 were announced yesterday.

Patsy Carney, Chair of the Ireland South East Development Office welcomed the award, saying:

“The watchword underpinning our FDI Strategy award is “quality”. Quality of life for employees with beaches, mountains and top class food and culture all within one hour of Dublin. Quality of proposition for investors as Ireland’s best value region and a concierge service offering. And the quality of our responsive ecosystem of clusters, education, research and public bodies.”

The Financial Times noted the regions collaborative approach to the pandemic and its joined up thinking between industry clusters, innovation ecosystem and higher education.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ireland South East implemented a three-pronged approach to bring in foreign business. As part of the recovery strategy, it established a regional network of industry leaders and senior entrepreneurs who met via workshops to discuss their priorities and share best practices. The agency also linked activities being carried out by regional companies and higher education research groups to combat issues related to the pandemic. As well as creating opportunities for companies, this showed an outside audience how highly innovative the region is and how it could react to the crisis in a dynamic fashion.

The magazine also highlighted our marketing activities and attractiveness as a remote working region:

The region also widened its focus by increasing its digital marketing incentives. It created content related
to remote working and the future of industries,to highlight the benefits of investing in the region.

You can Download a PDF of the FDI Intelligence Awards rankings here