Join the vibrant team at the 3 Counties Energy Agency

3 Counties Energy Agency currently has three open roles with an application deadline of Friday 29th April, giving you the chance to join their vibrant team and help promote behaviour change to accelerate ‘energy transition’ for the South East.

3 Counties Energy Agency is committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions for everyone in the region. They are a non-profit, independent energy agency working primarily in Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford. Their vision is to ensure the South East is a leader in sustainable efficient use of locally produced clean energy delivering low carbon homes, jobs and enterprise.

The three available roles are:

To download the full job specs and application forms please visit the 3cea website here

The 3cea team work on a wide range of projects and provides a range of energy services to its clients including developing and delivering EU projects,  Sustainable Energy Management, Energy Auditing, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Development, project management & delivery, Grant administration, Energy master Planning and others.

3cea’s Strategy to 2030 shows the massive task of upscaling delivery of works across public, private, domestic & community sectors across the South East Region.