Cartoon Saloon video explains how their location in Kilkenny influences their work

A fascinating new video from Cartoon Saloon gives a great insight into the slow, patient craft that goes into their beautiful animation style, and how being based in Kilkenny influences their work.

Cartoon Saloon’s latest film, the uplifting My Father’s Dragon, is streaming now, only on Netflix. The multi-Academy award-nominated studio has gone from success to success since its inception with just a single computer and some paper in 1999.

In this video, Nora Twomey and Paul Young explain how Cartoon Saloon originated with a group of people who loved to draw and animate. They stood out from the crowd by sticking with the 2d animation style that they loved to draw. The painstaking and patient nature of their craft is outlined brilliantly in the short video.

They also feel that being based in Kilkenny has contributed and influenced their work as they progressed to becoming a multi-academy award-nominated animation studio.

Nora Twomey explains how:

“Kilkenny has the perfect creative atmosphere and the people of Kilkenny have always been so welcoming and open-hearted to all of our crew”.

This fascinating video is well worth watching in full and is available here: