Reso Health wins the “Most Ambitious MedTech Company” award by Spark Crowdfunding

Reso Health, an innovative force in the MedTech industry, has recently been honoured with the “Most Ambitious MedTech Company” award by Spark Crowdfunding, a testament to its groundbreaking approach to revolutionizing the nutritional supplement sector.
By seamlessly blending scientific rigor with user convenience, Reso Health aims to disrupt a market long in need of transformation. This accolade not only recognizes the company’s bold vision but also validates its commitment to creating solutions that prioritize health, accessibility, sustainability, and scientific integrity.

Through its ambitious efforts, Reso Health is setting new standards in how nutritional supplements are developed, marketed, and consumed, promising a future where health and convenience coexist harmoniously. This award underscores the industry’s acknowledgment of Reso Health’s potential to effect meaningful change, propelling them further towards their goal of redefining wellness for individuals around the globe.

Reso Health are redefining how nutritional supplements are consumed every day. In the time it takes to make a coffee, their novel dispensing technology will prepare a science packed personalised supplement drink, based on your needs and preferences helping you achieve your health goals and sustain performance throughout the day.