SETU and WWETB welcome Waterford’s UNESCO Learning City designation

Partners in education, South Eastern Technological University (SETU) and Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board (WWETB), together welcome Waterford’s designation as a UNESCO Learning City.

The UNESCO Learning City Designation recognises the promotion of quality education and lifelong learning opportunities and allows Waterford to join the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

In a concerted effort towards enhancing educational opportunities in Waterford, SETU, WWETB, Waterford City and County Council, Kilkenny County Council, the Southern Regional Assembly, and Waterford Chambers collaborated in preparing an application for Waterford’s designation as a Learning City.

Welcoming the landmark designation, President of SETU, Professor Veronica Campbell said,

The UNESCO Learning City designation marks a significant milestone in the region’s educational landscape and can be seen as a progressive step towards the broader vision of establishing the area as a Learning Region.

Tying in with SETU’s Strategic Plan, this initiative provides a framework for deeper engagement and collaboration among learning-focused agencies in the region, and between SETU and the ETBs. It is instrumental in strengthening existing partnerships and fostering greater collaboration between further and higher education providers.

Prof. Campbell said,

Central to SETU’s mission is the commitment to widening educational access, creating lifelong learning pathways, and fostering a culture of learning that is necessary for the ongoing development of the region. Through this collaborative effort, SETU aims to support the region’s innovation focus and socio-economic development and provide for a sustainable future.


WWETB’s Chief Executive, Dr Karina Daly, echoed the sentiments of Prof. Campbell and welcomed the announcement as an important step in demonstrating commitment to the region and its citizens.

WWETB is committed to providing quality education and training opportunities to its learners across the region. Partnering with other organisations with common objectives strengthens our ability to deliver quality regional education and training. In addition to meeting the needs of our students, adult learners, and the evolving needs of employers, the needs of local, national, and international communities and economies are also of critical importance to us.

WWETB is delighted that Waterford is now recognised as a city that can contribute to the global lifelong learning agenda and it speaks volumes for what we all value as a society. We have a responsibility now to invest in the culture of learning, at a local level, focussing on upskilling and reskilling as a critical part of our offering. We are more than ready to play our part in achieving on the ambition of all partners in this regard. This is the beginning of an exciting journey.