SETU startX pre-accelerator applications open till 23rd February

Applications are open until February 23rd for South East Technological University’s pre-accelerator programme startX.Join this free, in-person, 8-week long programme to put your innovations to the test and meet industry leaders across the South East.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, part of an larger organisation, a founder or even a student, startX will provide you with the tools to drive your innovations forward.

Reflecting the unprecedented level of demand for actions addressing the need for strengthened regional innovation and entrepreneurship, a new programme has been launched today by the South East Technological University (SETU), to support four cohorts of ambitious early-stage innovators.

The programme, called StartX, will support the early stage start-up ecosystem in the south-east region: StartX will consist of four standalone pre-accelerator programmes, running between March and May 2024. Each of these four pre-accelerators is thematically focused on a specific area of innovation, which aligns with the research areas of the four Technology Gateways within SETU, which are:

  • Design+ Technology Gateway; 
  • Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology Research Center;
  • South Eastern Applied Materials Research Centre;
  • and, Walton Institute

Over the course of the programme, participants will gain a better understanding of an entrepreneurial career path, be provided with best-in-class tools to think clearly about the opportunities they wish to pursue, be exposed to world-class insights and experience from industry veterans, and be signposted towards right-sized supports within the local ecosystem which are appropriate to their stage of development. StartX participants will come from a variety of backgrounds, including the academic community, early-stage entrepreneurs, and local businesses looking for an innovative edge to fuel their growth. Interested participants are encouraged to visit for full details on the programme, information on how to apply, and ways to contact and stay connected with the StartX programme team.

The programme is fully funded by SETU, and will be delivered by Resolve Partners, a specialist innovation advisory firm, with a long and successful track record of delivering innovation development programmes in the south east region. The StartX programme will be delivered in-person, at a range of venues across the south east; here, the participants will be brought through a series of deep learning and mentoring sessions, and engage with a broad array of speakers from enterprise and innovation agencies, local corporates, research networks, investors, and successful business leaders – all with a particular focus on the wealth of research, technical, and commercial expertise available within the SETU network.

StartX participants will also be in-line to compete for cash prizes, hot-desking facilities at Arclabs and ERIC, and free consultancy sessions with leading professional services firms. The participants will also join in a leading innovation conference, taking place in May, to coincide with the programme finish date.

for more info and registration details see here