Waterford-born Nobel laureate honoured at world-class ‘Walton Institute’

New visionary direction will redefine institute’s ICT research impact.

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€9.52 million funding for Centre for Excellence for Sustainable Energy in Nenagh Town Centre

Nenagh is set for a welcome funding boost following the announcement of €9,525,000 to regenerate the town under the Urban Regeneration Development Fund. Read more

Danone Wexford produces formula milk in tab format

Danone has launched the first ever formula milk in Europe to be sold in a pre-measured tab format. Read more

Cartoon Saloon has been nominated for an Academy Award for its acclaimed ‘Wolfwalkers’

Ireland South East and Kilkenny based Cartoon Saloon has been nominated for an Academy Award for its acclaimed ‘Wolfwalkers’ in the best Animated Feature Film category. Read more

€74 million for Regeneration Projects in the South East

€74 million in funding has been announced for five regeneration projects in the South-East investment region of Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford.

The projects are being funded under ‘Call 2’ of the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF). The URDF part-funds projects aimed at enhancing urban areas to make them more attractive places in which to live, work, visit and invest. The four local authorities, which will deliver these multi-annual projects, will receive this funding.

The projects for which URDF support have been approved are:

• Public Realm and Pedestrian Linkage Project Carlow Town (Carlow County Council) – €9.79 million

• Abbey Quarter Phase 2 (Advancement Project) (Kilkenny County Council) – €11.46 million

• Kilkenny City Centre Enhanced Liveability Project – €6.64 million

• Waterford City Centre Regeneration (Waterford City and County Council) – €27.66 million

• Trinity Wharf (Wexford County Council) – €18.49 million

Public Realm and Pedestrian Linkage Project Carlow Town – €9.79 million

This project will provide Carlow Town with plentiful, accessible and exciting public spaces that people can use all year round. It will also improve town centre linkages and increase pedestrian mobility from the town centre to Carlow College and the railway station.

URDF funding for Carlow:

The €9.79 million in approved funding is in addition to €580,000 in approved funding for the ‘Call 1’ project, ‘Funding for Master plan for Carlow Town Centre’.

Abbey Quarter Phase 2 (Advancement Project) – €11.46 million

This project entails the second phase of the Abbey Quarter project and builds on the first phase works initiated under the successful URDF ‘Call 1’-funded project. The second phase involves five complementary sub-projects covering public realm improvements, accessibility and regeneration of the Abbey Quarter.

Kilkenny City Centre Enhanced Liveability Project –€6.64 million

This project will increase the attractiveness, liveability and connectivity of Kilkenny City Centre for locals and visitors alike. It will transform the place by radically improving the streetscape and accessibility of the city centre, helping to knit together its constituent spaces and deliver the council’s objective of a compact ‘10-minute City’ and the most liveable urban centre in Ireland.

Waterford City Centre Regeneration – 27.66 million

The National Planning Framework contains an objective of Waterford becoming a ‘Regional City of Scale’, driving regional growth. This project consists of the important regeneration of the Historic Core and implementation of the ‘Strategic Public Realm Plan’.

The project is based on a series of planned city centre brownfield site proposals and includes works to create a cultural hub, a business hub and the re-use of key sites. It involves a wide range of interventions that will provide an attractive ‘live, work and play environment’ to draw people back into Waterford City centre in order to bring social, economic and cultural vibrancy. The concept is to cross a ‘tipping point’ whereby the city centre will provide jobs and sustain itself into the future.

Trinity Wharf – €18.49 million

Trinity Wharf is a brownfield site, centrally located in Wexford Town with a high amenity waterfront vista. The site is identified as a ‘Key Opportunity’ site in the ‘Wexford Town & Environs Development Plan 2009 – 2015’. Through this project, the council plans to develop Trinity Wharf as a new mixed-use urban quarter to include retail, cultural, hotel and commercial office development.

Great Place to Work award and new acquisition for Clune Technology Group

Clune Technology Group (formerly Taxback Group) is delighted to announce that they have been officially recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland for the sixth successive year. Read more

New PhD scholarships pave way for future Technological University Researchers

The two institutes of the Technological University of South East Ireland (TUSEI) consortium have announced details of a €4.5million cross-institutional PhD scholarship initiative described as “a game changer for research in the south east region” and a key element in the development process towards TUSEI. Read more